Lake Rama

There are very few places in nature for which we can say that man has not ruined. One of them is the self-effacing Rama valley surrounded by mountain ranges Raduše, Makljen, Ljubuša and Vrana in the high mountains of Herzegovina. Here on the location where there used to be the river Rama, in 1968 by building a damn was created the Lake Rama.


Today anyone who reaches Rama stays captivated by the beauty of the valley, the surrounding mountains and the lake that has spilled inside her and created one of the most beautiful lakes in the mountains of Dinara. After reaching the final water level the lake outlined and embroidered the beautiful ornament of Rama as if it was natural. Little islands started to protrude, peninsulas extended, beaches formed and thin fjords cut in. All the profiles gathered in one place and formed a beautiful mountain image. In the very center of the lake remained the dominant peninsula Šćit with a Franciscan monastery as a trademark of Rama.

Legend of Diva Grabovčeva

There are many stories related to Rama. Some of the most famous are the death of the girl Diva Grabovčeva and about the many years of arduous travel of the painting of Blessed Virgin Mary of Mercy. Today in the hamlet Zahun you can see a replica of an old Rama home like the one in which the Diva Grabovčeva used to live.

The Franciscan monastery Šćit is a place rich in history and tradition. From this place in October of 1687 the painting Mother of mercy, better known as the Miraculous Lady of Sinj, was saved. Rama friars fleeing the invaders with the people to the Cetina region took the painting of the Mother of mercy that saved the Cetina region and became the Miraculous Lady of Sinj.

Today the common history kept the friendship of Sinj and the municipality of Prozor-Rama and through a joint project Paths to the Lady of Sinj, a pilgrimage route that for centuries has been used to walk towards the biggest Marian shrine.

The Šćit monastery with its artistic content makes a very valuable whole, and as such is ranked among the best artistic decorated sacred places in our region. In addition to the famous Rama cross, in the memorial park you can see many other artistic creations: Rama mother, Diva Grabovčeva, Last supper, Art Gallery Ljubo Lucić… as well as the Ethnographic museum in which the life of the inhabitants of Rama is presented.

Set in an old convent, it is a unique structure in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the only of its kind from the time of the Ottoman rule in Bosnia and Herzegovina, built in 1857.

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