About Motocross

With us you have the possibility of renting 3 bikes for motocross and enjoy exploring the beautiful scenery of Rama.
The mountains around Lake Rama hide old villages with countless trails and roads that were once used, but now are suitable for exploring and motocross.
Raduša, Idovac, Draševo, Vran, Blidinje…

Additional activities:

  •     Motocross – 3 bikes for rent in our country house Vidikovac
  •     swimming in Lake Rama
  •     hiking in the surrounding mountains
  •     Shrine of Our Lady of Rama – Rama Franciscan monastery Šćit (9 min drive)
  •     Memorial Home of Diva Grabovčeva on Zahum (17 min drive)
  •     proximity to Mostar(80 km)
  •     proximity to Medjugorje (115 km)
  •     proximity to the ski center Kupres (50 km)


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